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Monday, June 16, 2008
Happy birthday, Ah Pong! 9:32 PM

I am still blogging.
Trying to salvage my dead blog. yes, i know.
I am utterly lazy to blog these days.
Plus for some reason, my wireless is down
So i have the perfect excuse to not go online.
That explains why i am hardly on MSN too.
Sorry friends.. But thanks a lot for still occasionally popping by my blog.

All right. Here are some very outdated photos that i took
We went to a man-made island in Singapore
Super nice la.
Dining by the sea with beautiful yachts
One word. romantic.

We dine at a French bakery
The bakery's name means private
I forgot the name of it. Haha.

Kelly was the one who brought us here.
As this is AH PONG's birthday post..
So expect all of the photos to be of him.. (:

All right, my lousy camera skills doesn't do justice to the beautiful scenery
But trust me, that's the best shot i can take
And that the place is simply lovely.

Sinfully nice chocolate cake brought by Yi hui
Really yummy.
I don't really like chocolate
That's the common fact that my friends know
But this cake is great.
Once again, i forgot the name of the shop. tee hee.

Ah pong making his birthday wish.
I am really touched by his words of appreciation to all of us.
Very sincere and heart-warming

The birthday boy is so so happy :D
Here's to ah pong :
Expect more and more yearly birthdays to be celebrated with us. (: (: (:

Since this post is of a joyous one, let me share with u two good news too
Mr Aussie Bao is coming back on 3th July.
My aunt is coming back for a month on 29th June with my little cousin, Zeph
I have not seen Zeph ever since he was born
But i am looking real forward to seeing my little cousin. Wee~

Going to Oikos Camp Dry Run next Monday.
So, ya. Expect a new post not so so soon. Lol.

AND!! Stupid bao,stop reading my blog out so loudly via phone conversation!

Thursday, May 15, 2008
What's that green thingy?? 11:13 PM

Mummy was shouting when she watered the plant on Monday.
Dashed out and she pointed to this pot of plant..
Some innocent plant ar?
Those typical orange plant that chinese usually buys for Chinese New Year
Dun ask me how come our plant manage to survive so long after chinese New Year..

Do u see smth on this plant??
I couldnt in the first place..
However, mummy finally pointed that yucky green monster and tada...
Yes, a caterpillar.
Dun tell me it is dumb to blog abt it..
Tell me.. how many billion times do u get to see a caterpillar in ur life.
For me, this is the first time! :D

Ugly caterpillars will eventually grow to beautiful and delicate butterflies
That is what we learnt in Primary school
But what colour??
Dont u find it interesting that coming from green common caterpillars, it evolves to butterflies
Of different colours??
How can we predict what colour will it turn out to be??
Haha. That is a very thought-provoking question for me...
What abt u?? :))

Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Outing with B chan and Nanny :D 9:25 PM

Finally went out with darlings (:
B Chan and Nanny
B Chan wanted to get some formal wear
So we went G2000....
And we cam-whored again!!
Haha. First time seeing these darlings with formal wear.
Here are the pictures...

Where were we looking?
I dunno.. another shot please...

Slightly better.
Why am i hiding behind the door?
Cos i was not wearing proper bottoms.
Just a pair of leggings.. haha. so unglam =P
Went to Far east after that to contnue searching for formal wear..
I was telling myself before i met them that i MUST NOT buy anything today
Yet, i succumbed to peer pressure
I got myself $73.90 worth of formal wear
I am not gonna update my bank book at least for now
I dun wan to see my wealth depreciating.... Ah!! No!!
Nanny and B Chan after spending $59 each from G2000 continued on their spree..
So B Chan in total chalked up near to $200 worth of clothes plus footwear
Nanny got slightly over $100 worth of clothes..
Somebody please help me!! I must be firm and NOT spend anymore!!
God, let mama and papa strike lottery and give me more $$
I am still thinking of the $35 dress that i saw but resisted purchase earlier on... Oh No!!

U wont believe what we did later on..
We walked into a cosplay shop that was tucked in the corners of Far East Plaza
And Nanny wanted to take revenge on me for asking her to help me try some clothes...
So .. Nanny asked me to cosplay and let her take photos..
My first time cosplaying..
Japanese School girl costume...
The skirt was too big
Had to use clips to secure it from dropping
That was M size.
No S size left.
Guess how much it cost??
$88 -.=
So expensive!!

The shop keeper was real sweet
She helped me to tie my hair into two pony tails
Nanny and B Chan snapping photos as they laughed and laughed...
Oh my goodness!! I personally had a shock of my life when i saw the photos myself!

Maybe i should have also wore high high socks to go along with it too..
That will be perfect!
Next up.. Nanny passed me another set of costumes that i have no idea what is it..
Kelly said it looked ike fairy costume after i showed her
Sidetrack abit.. Kelly is my ex-colleague..
She loves anime and cosplays.
So i showed her the photos that i took..

Fairy top.
The corset that i was wearing is real pretty
I would have brought it if it is not from a cosplay shop..
The skirt is totally transparent
Luckily i had leggings with me
Or else, no way will i come out of the dressing room

Once again, Nanny and B chan busy snapping shots when i came out..
Some schoolgirls were also outside la.
Kinda embarrassing. But heck.
Since i dunno them and dun recognise them
So at least, they cant laugh at me for long or wad..
Yes, i just had to act stupid and stick my tongue out and ruin the demure shot that they were asking me of...

After that, B Chan finally bought slippers and we went off to YaKun
What else? To savour their blended Iced Teh..
Super foamy but nice!
Not too sweet and too blend..
Finally a last shot of us before we went home..
I enjoyed myself super alot!! Love u dalings!! :))
Bao, come online soon if u happen to read this!!!
I have so much fun things to tell u these days
AND daddy, i want my honey from Aussie!!